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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Song For You


well...everyone....below is the lyric from Celine Dion....entitled..."A Song For You"...
I really love this song and also the lyric of this song....if you can see here...the lyric is so me...when i sing this song....I feel the pain and missingness in the singer...she really knows how put the emotions in her songs!!!...I really love her....

I couldn't live
Couldn't live without your love
For one kiss well I'd give everything up
There's no words that can describe what I feel deep inside
So I'll let this song say it all
Then I hope u'll understand
Once u've listened till the end

Heard the music in my head so before I could forget
I start singing yeah I was singing this song for you
Just made up the words

Na na na na
Ooo yeah

My heart was the melody
so I am singing this song for you

p/s: the meaning of the lyrics is nothing to do with my whole personal life...hahahahu

Till then...



  1. I like Celine Dion too..I like her song " I'm alive"

  2. yeah..... I like that song too...