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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Zoo Negara 10 years after...hehehe...

i bet every family have their own plan on going for vacation during holidays, it does not mean that only the holidays we can go to vacation but as long as you plan it well, then, it is okay,

yeeeyy!!!!....I am back from a long 'sleep'...heheh...not that I do not want to write something but I just do not have the capacity of posting it, the posts of course because we do not have the internet connection in our village but it ok coz I get all the thing that I want which is, My FAMILY!!!..hahha...the bad, the best, everything after all there are my family. well...23rd of December 2010, we went to National Zoo (Zoo Negara at Ulu Klang, i guess) was a wonderful experience. Being able to travel along with my family, siblings, cousins, and nephews is one of the things that I will not forget. As soon as we entered the Zoo, the giraffes and elephants were waiting for us, then we snapped lots of photos of course, we walked inside the green wonderful zoo negara without any traffic, I mean when we got there, there are not lot of people, it was not that crowded which is the best part of walking around the zoo. After we 'visited' the giraffes and elephants we saw a group of flamingos. The flamingos were flaming in the shallow water searching for fishes. hahaha....and the smells?..OMG!!... it stinks..haha...well to me that it wildlife is all about, the smells, the sceneries, and many other characteristics that the wildlife should have and even though there are a lot of that characteristics that I wrote in my village but still we do not have the real animals such as tigers, elephants, giraffe and many others. Back to the trip, after seeing the flamingos mingle around and searching for food ( I do not know fish maybe, algae or frogs, who knows right? I don’t know, seriously), then we entered the Bird Cage or Bird Garden. Here the first thing that we saw was a group of Kasawari Bird that try to incubate their eggs and amazingly they work together to incubate their eggs. The colour of their eggs is dark green and blue, I don’t know how you all want to imagine it, but seriously it was amazing, because before we just see the animals in the television but there we get to see the animals closer than ever. It was a wonderful experience. But before that, there was a baby deer that borne and even the deer officer did not know to which mother deer that the baby belongs to, the interesting story is the mother deer just left her baby there and maybe that was her first born and maybe she does not know how and what to do when having a baby. (Neither do me…haha…I do not know also how and what to do when having a baby). Okay. Back to the Bird Garden, in bird garden, we got to see birds that we never seen before, like Silver Feathers Kuang, what I like about this bird is it feathers, it is like so clean and like Silver. Then Red Eyes Kuang, and there is also a bird that not so good looking and it is big compare to other birds. We got to see peacocks, flamingos, kuangs, and many more. After that, we see lions and tigers. My mom , dad and me were the last groups of the family, not that I can not walk faster, well, I can run of course but my mom and dad are both old people so, they get tired easily, so I walk with them. My mom and I saw the lion, it was big and it just stares at us like stare with anger. Hahaha…then I snapped a few photos of the lion and my mom. I am good at photography, hahahhha I got the best shot and I reduced the gap between the lion and my mom. After seeing the lion, we, the whole family got to see the tiger both Malayan Tiger and Sumatran Tigers. The Malayan Tiger was swimming in the pond and it was like excited to see human, maybe it wants to eat us or whatever,I don’t know and the Sumatran Tigers were very active. There a was the mother and three cubs. The mother was opening her mouth and looking towards the visitors and the cubs were playing and playing with each other. Amazing and we were very excited to see such scenery that we would never find it anywhere except in the zoo. After that, we climb a short hill to the Ape Centre. This Ape Centre is the centre of the Apes and there are two species of apes, Chimpanzee and Orang Utan. As far as I am concerned, the Chimpanzees were taking from other country such Africa and alike but the Orang Utans are from here, Malaysia and to be specific Sabah in Borneo. Malaysia has such varieties in everything. We got multicultural, races, the diversity in jungle resources and floral and faunas. Then after visiting the Apes we went downhill to walk at Savanah Walk. At the beginning of the Savanah Walk there is a stop shop. They sell drinks, corn, fruits and so on and the price?...haaha…expensive, even the one burger cost us RM 4.00 and to me it is expensive but we went there with children so, when they want we just bought it because the tiredness of walking in the zoo. After taking quite a long walk at Savanah Walk, we went to The House of Reptiles. There are a lot of different species of frogs, snakes, turtles, crocodiles and so on. The time we went there, most of the snakes were changing their skin. It is like the newborn. We got to see the anacondas, cobras, and other snakes. Then after that, we went to the aquarium. I have never been there, so, it was my first time to be in the House of Fishes. There are a lot of fish, from the species that I know to the species that I had never seen before. Amazing! In such place, they can put a lot of fish from different species. Then after visiting the aquarium, we sat on the bench for few minutes, we ate corn, sandwiches, drink coke and we ate mango. Maybe we were too tired to continue the walk but the distance is not that far but the tiredness. Before going back home, we decided to get a last ride on the tram. The fee of the tram is not that expensive. Affordable, I should say. Then, we went back home but before that we stopped by at Mc Donalds at Genting Sempah. We ate a lot of burgers and chicken porridge. Then we head home!!!...

The so called trip to Zoo Negara was very good and well organized. We have planned this activity since last year in early 2010. Then it turned out great! We are all happy and we have planned to go to Gambang Waterpark Resort City. The fees are affordable to but still it is in planning. We don’t know yet.


  1. hm, interesting, last time I went there about 5 years ago, hikhik...

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  3. well ayuni... i went there recently but as far as i can remember... before recently...last time i went there was in year 2000...about ten years that long..hhahah

    yes, thanks for the tutorial...actually i just can search it on internet but well...customizing something is

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