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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Experiencing the Shooting On Storyboard...


For this entry I would be very glad to talk about the processes of Storyboard making. Before that, this entry will be linked to Kelip@UNISZA (the number ONE student's website powered by Moodle)... Okay...for this shooting of Storyboard, we MUST do it in group and it is a group work assignment. Well... it is not that hard looking for group members since that we already friends..right guys?... okay...let me introduce you all readers to my group members. They are Muhammad Sapizi (PZ), Ahmad Fauzan (Belle), Dean Yeo Kai Liang (Dean, Mohd Ridhuan (MatDu) and of course... Me (Akmal Razlan aka Kemal). 5 members in a group. The storyboard actually it is not that hard... I mean the shooting processes but when we want to edit it, that is the hardest thing to do. BTW thanks to Dean, Pizi and MatDu because be one who edited the video...for God sakes...honestly speaking.. I have no idea hows things work...  I mean how things were edited but not that we are not doing our jobs... we are more to the background workers..hehe...

Let me tell you all about how the shooting process going on. We actually have decided to shoot it during night. The reason, it is a lot easier to shoot it during night because there will be no interruption and unwanted sound but then still, during the process we have some sort of sound like motorcycle sound, people laughing and so on. but yet we manage to take very good angles and very good videos without inserting the sounds of the unwanted sounds. Thank GOD! okay let me tell you about the steps that were taken in producing the video.

Step 1: We discussed about the rough idea about What Word that we are going to do. well... after several suggestions and opinions... we agreed to choose the word IMPRESSIVE! after choosing the word... we were on to the drafting the has brought the element of Director from himself and we can see from on camera or before camera...he will always good in giving directions and commands. At that night, I was the cameraman (but just using the digital camera not the handy cam) and we're the full cooperation in all the scenes. 

Step 2: We shoot scene after scene. We were not following the draft but we shot scene that we are able to do first. Then after we got all the scenes then we cut and combined it and it becomes the real video.

Step 3: After we got all the videos and Dean, Pizi and MatDu were the ones who have the ability of editing the videos. It is not that me and Belle do not want to do, but we just do not know how it supposed to be done. Instead of ruining something, it is better to let they who know about it to do the works, to me, that is the best way of cooperating. This is because when we have numbers of members and we can divide them into their own specialties and they own knowledge. That is better, right?

Step 4: Then...the video is ready and after seeing the end result of the hard work... we truly very happy and word cannot describe what is the feeling..but.. wait.. I think there is the word suits perfectly about the end result of our video which is... IMPRESSIVE!!!! be honest... the shooting things is the first and foremost the happiest time  in my life. I love being in camera and talk. but working as the back people is also good and full of joy because after hard work we can see our result and hopefully it is the best, right?

till then...



  1. It is a very interesting experience..& it give us a sweet memory.

  2. yes!!!!...the shooting was very interesting..i could not agree more...