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Friday, April 29, 2011

Affection and Emotion taking place in decision making


Adik tak tahu kenapa dua tiga hari ni adik punya feeling menjadi sedih je... maybe adik terpengaruh kot dengan lagu Hiding HEart by Adele. But seriously, I am always like that, I would easily affected by songs. for example, there was a time when I listened to Celine Dion's song, My Love. It is a beautiful song and it is very meaningful song. I love the song.

So, to me, people would easily affected by songs, well, maybe it is just my saying but to me, it is. Some people are easily affected by films,  people or what ever, but after all, it is related to emotions, affections. 

Again, men and women have the difference in affections/emotions stages. sometimes, women tend to get easily affected but not all time. There are women who can think using their mind/brain but then most of them are using their emotions. It is proven in the research by the psychologists. Try to look for those materials, you would find it.

Well, as for men, people would see them, cool, macho but not all men like that. There are men who use their emotion to make decision and to me, this is very dangerous. Well, it is not for men only, for both, men and women. When, decision was made by the presence of emotions and affections, for sure, it would affect the decision, well, there would be the element of biasness. 

Hey, men and women are okay actually but it depends on the individuals, it is us to shape who we are, it is us.

till then...


p/s: hurrmm.... am i one of the emotion decision makers?
p/s: the pictures were taken from Google...
p/s: affected of effected?

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