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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday, It solat Time!


well2.... today is Friday, I wish everything would be as planned. My plan?.. well... I need to study for the next coming examination both Multimedia English and Discourse Analysis. FYI, about multimedia English, honestly speaking, I do not know what to read. Hurm... I need to do ask people about Multimedia English. If she asks about the benefits, well... as long as its logic then to me its correct, but if she gives us the essay questions... that would be a big problem.

for Discourse analysis, for sure, for this subject, I need to read more and I need to read a lot, I have too. Because, my carry mark for this subject is not that good. Hehehe,..But then, I need to put a lot of efforts for this subject, then I can think of going back. Right?..hahaha

hey. . its almost Solat Jumaat. bye.

till then..


p/s: I am going with bob,anas n pizi...Solah Jumaat!


  1. nice~ terbaik!

    saLam kenaLan...dr segmen gegar gegar Ben! huhu nice blog!(^_^)

    sudi2 lah lawat kiter plak ye