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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jagalah BUMI!!~~~


haa...arini adik nak bercakap fasal environment. I mean this world. Earth. The earth we have been living is not in the good condition. It is sick. With all the pollution made by men ( refers as human both male and female) turn Earth into something that we do not want. We somehow feel that everything that we dove/do is good and we think it is the best things to do. But still our Earth today suffers from all the effects of pollutions made by men. 

Why? WHY?... Why dont you ask yourself? please, together we save our earth. We do not have to wait for Earth Hour to do something good for our earth,home,. OKay? Do your part today, yes! you... do your part.

 these two pictures were from Google... thanks...

till then...


p/s: I am worried about my CM (Carry Mark)...seriously....huhuhuh..

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