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Monday, April 18, 2011

My own Quote!!!!


for this entry, I will write it in English... can I?..well...yes I can..hahaha...

well..what would be the first thing to write?... haaa... I was wondering just now to have a new header. Yeah... header there is too long there, dont you think so? my answer would be yes. hahah... but I do not know yet what would be the theme of my new header. of course in my header, i want my face to be in and the other things can be added later but my face would be the main priority..hahaha....

enough with designing header. we move on to other thing. be honest, i like using this phrase... "Don't you forget the past, if you don't want it to be the present" that is from me..hahaha....i like that phrase... so can i quote my own phrase..

"Don't you forget the past, if you don't want it to be the present" (Akmal, 2011)

till then...


p/s: focus on final exam...


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