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Friday, April 22, 2011

Nak Berenti Sekejap!!!


adik rasa adik nak berehat lah kejap berblog ni..nak focus study.....okay?..

kita jumpa seminggu dari tak2!!... kita jumpa 27 /4/2011... okay?..

ni adik ada buah tangan untuk anda sekalian...gambar2 yang adik suka...

 ni gambar adik tangkap kat Pusat Rekreasi Pulau Chekas di Ulu Dong, Raub , Pahang

This is also one of the pictures and the interesting place..hehehe you can see... that is ME.. I love myself..hahaha

 This is the picture of my nephews... Akim, Fitri and Abang...

 THis is me...Cute tak??

 Ni adik dalam kelas Mr Azizi...during this class..we were very.... SLEEPY..muahahah

This is the recent picture that I took... WEll...i like self-cam... hahaha....this is at the New Cafe...

Till then...


p/s: baru nak baca...alah..korang pun sama kan.?...ehheh

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