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Tuesday, May 10, 2011



tonight was the night when my whole family were going out to have a nice dinner... was not 5 star dinner...but then... it was enough to get the sense of belonging.. it is what actually family are for... am I right? well...when talk about family.. actually, I had this memory of a mom, who somehow enjoying the days when her children were small. And to me.. listening to that , she makes me realized of something, that we cannot change back time. It was what it was and it is what it is now. We cannot change past to present, it is way impossible. Well ... what to do... just hope that we will be the best daughters and  sons to out parents. Aren't we want the best for them too? right?... because they want the best for us...

So... to all mothers and especially to my Mom..Aminah binti Ishak... Happy Mother's Day...( it is not to late for me to say that)...and to me... there should not be a specific day to celebrate our mother... everyday should be the day for everything..Father's day... Teacher's day... and so on... Kan semua?..

This is me at Pantai di Dungun depan UITM...hehehe

till then...


p/s: I am sleepy!!! I woke up early this morning..huhuuh...

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