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Wednesday, May 25, 2011



this is my entry before I sleep. Okay... today I met a tourist from Japan was carrying her child and that lady's face was like burn by the sun and God, today was hot, incredibly hot!!! but I am actually not talking about the weather but I am talking about that women. 

Okay, that time she was coming to me and asking me like this (some sort lah...)
actually I could not hear it well because you know, the Japanese are not like me, who talk as loud as you can hear kan but she talk so slow and I did not hear it but it was samar-samar la... it's like, 

" Do you have any Japanese guide?"

I answered (that time I was not so sure about what she talking about actually)

"Well, I am sorry, we do not have it, I am sorry". 

You know, she asked me with this sad faces and it made my heart feels so pity to that women. Then, she went to the lobby and sat on a chair and was drinking plain water. But then, I realized I misheard and I looked for the KL City Guide in Japanese and also Malaysia Places Guide in Japanese and I gave it to her. 

And she said, "Terima Kasih". 

And I was like, "Sama-sama". 

That time, I imagined if I were going to some places that I do not know how to speak the place's language and in the same time, I do not know how to speak in English?

What would happen to me? 

Would I be like that lady? 

With hot-sunny-melt faces day? 

OMG! thank God I know English (even though my English was not that perfect). 

But it is a very good feeling when we are able to help people. kan?

cantik tak puan-puan dan tuan-tuan...? menara berkembar petronas!!!

till then...


p/s: I know nothing about Japanese language.


  1. yes!!! indeed!! it is wonderful!!!.. I love the life that Allah gave me..thank you...