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Sunday, May 22, 2011



now I remember !!!

 in year 2001 I came to Kuala Lumpur with my twin brother Saufi and Ilyana binti Razlan to the place where I live now. We came here just to sight seeing (OMG!!! It is very clear now.. i remember everything)... That day we went to Mak Cik Ana's house and we went there by LRT Putra. We take the Star LRT from Titiwangsa and stopped at Masjid Jamek and take Purta LRT from Masjid Jamek to Taman Bahagia. And from there, we walked a little bit to the house and it was night that time. 

And for the next day, we went to SOGO... the most famous shopping complex to the people of KL..because that time... there is not other shopping malls that offer the discounts for all the time...hahhahaa...(and also PERTAMA complex)... we bought things there and we also went to buy SUSHI there and IT WAS MY FIRST TIME EATING SUSHI...I still remember I ate the sushi with Salmon egg (caviar). And there also we were playing the games at the top of the level at SOGO, best..hahahha...btw you can click at the name there... the link has something that you do not know about SOGO....seriously... try to click it... 

Then after the SOGO, the next day, we went to SUNWAY PYRAMID. There we just sight seeing and actually I wanted to skiing on the ice but then with no much time to spend, we decided to just look inside Sunway Pyramid....hahahha... with nothing to buy we just go back home, after all, the reason why we went to Kuala Lumpur was we want to see the Kuala Lumpur, ya la.. for me and my brother that time was 12 years old it is a good feeling to be able to go to such a big and beautiful city like Kuala Lumpur and we were very glad to visit Kuala Lumpur. hahhahaha... but now.. I am here again, doing my internship and I could not imagine it... but hey... show must go on!!!..hahahahaha...

well... enjoy your lives okay?...

till then...


p/s: tomorrow would be the week two of my internship!!!.. Love it!!!


  1. tah ler cik lulu... cadangnya nak pergi jap lagi... nti i bgitau..hahaahaahahaa......

  2. kak WC..thanks... but I decided to not to go to SOGO... because in KL the weather is not that good la....huhuh mcm nak ujan je..