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Wednesday, May 18, 2011



today was the second day me at MATiC, for today, there were several things that I learned.Well, somehow it is the way we learned, it is either direct way or indirect way. As for today, I take note for several things, like we need to know everyone and know how to do work. For example, I put the cups and it is not correct. We thought its the correct way but then we it is wrong, then we learn and we need to remember it well. 

Secondly, even if we a big bosses or small part in a company, when people do something to us then we need to say thank you. Yes, it very costly for someone to say thank you but then... we need to say it because if not people would think that us are not polite. For example, A is Datuk and B is normal man. When B is done doing something to A, then A should say "thank you" but what is A does not say "thank you" to B? What would people think? kan?... Did you get what am i trying to say?

Thirdly, we need to able to go independent. Yes. We need to find work and we need to help others too. And to be honest, I am still learning on that. Sorry. 

Well.... that's all...

Till then...


p/s: Tomorrow is the Day three.

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