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Sunday, May 15, 2011



today in the not-so-quite early in the morning, we went to a majlis birthday and I was surprised well...this is a surprised in a very good way. To me... it is way different from we at kampung... especially Kampung Jenud... hahaha...

well... okay let me tell you the event went on... first... those who were invited to the majlis have (need, supposed) to bring  one or two dishes...Whatever dishes that you like because... all the others will bring their favourite dishes. then.. when people are ready... they will take the food and eat it... and it continues for about 1 hour... then... they started the majlis with pujian2 and praises to Allah because giving such a wonderful and serenity to the lives of people... and to be honest.. it is nothing like i heard before.. it is a total different from what i have heard from kampung.. TOTALLY!!! the words and phrase that they used were different from what we use in tahlil.... i do not know what they called it.. but i find it an interesting thing to do because it somehow has rhythm. With the voices and the pitch and so on... it is interesting... i actually managed to follow the rhythm but then i can not follow all the words... its too alien for me... but then, i think i somehow can follow it if i follow them again and again and again.. hehehehe
okay...enough with that... now we move on to the food!!!  hahaha.. the food... first, I ate nasi lemak and ayam and keropok!... second, I ate coney dog with special gravy from Saida Ani (they use Saida because I think they follow the Arabic people), then keropok, tuna kebab in roti pita, cucur pisang, cucur udang ...huhuh... third i ate, chicken (again), fried mee hoon... huhuhu... and of course the drinks. carbonate drinks which i somehow do not love it that very much now... when i drink carbonated drinks, my stomach will full with gas and it is very much painful...huhuh....

well... i think... that is all..but it was a new experience for me being here.. (well..not the eating..obviously)... the majlis...)

till then...


p/s:... they are practicing the Arabic tradition because when we meet and want to go back, they just kissed the forehead/head and double kiss on both cheeks... cute!!!

erm.... they are not wearing purdah....hehehe but SERIOUSLY!!! THEY ARE VERY NICE PEOPLE!!!..

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