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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Who here among the readers and followers is the die-hard fan of GLEE? and are the GLEEK here?

well...GLEE is actually a comedy-musical tv series that really inspires people to do what ever in their own way and it is not wrong to be something that extraordinary or not so that normal. Hey, if people are the same all the time, would not that be such a waste?..don't you think?..kan?...hehehe..

btw... now I am a fan of GLEE...well..not that die-hard-fan yet...but who knows right?..haha.... btw...I love the cover songs... some people said, those who just make cover of others songs are not real musician and not real artist but to me... covering other people's songs is to show how we inspired by someone and it is the way of appreciating other people's job and that is just a point of view...not more than anything. feel free to put some of you POV.. I would love to read it...

Well.back to GLEE...  best is it?...well... try to look at this video...

be a fan okay?

till then...


p/s: not yet a die-hard-fan...hehehe

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