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Saturday, June 18, 2011


hi all!!!!

have you ever heard of Nina Simone???... I am afraid you have no idea who is Nina Simone right??... well... she is a she but if you listen to her voice you would be amazed because her voice is very different from any other singers in this whole world. she had a very nice voice.  Click here!!! NINA SIMONE....she had been in lowest of her life and also at the top of the world after the success of her career. She learned from the lowest point of the world which was the discrimination towards black people and also gender discrimination. It was a devastating point to such a young girl with talent gave by God. But then after few years she got the strength and she went from victim to successful artist! Amazing! Love her voice very much. and also she wrote her own song.

till then...


p/s: Love her cover of the song called "Ne Memme Quite Pas"

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