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Saturday, July 16, 2011



*this is the late night post that mixed from lots of feeling towards everything. 

I honestly have this news saying that I've changed. Physically? Yes... I get chubbier or the harsh word would be FATTER. Yes... I am. Actually, I honestly appreciate what people concern about me. At least they want me to be better person. But who should know about him/her self other than him/her self. Am I right? Maybe to those who DO NOT KNOW me quite well... would have doubt in me. Maybe... I just guessing but to those who really TAKE EVERYTHING into consideration , you do not have to worry. If there is anything that bothers your mind, please... I begged you...come to me or contact me personally. Actually, the reason why I write this entry is because I felt like I do not have the guts to actually receive the news of anything from my FRIENDS. What is the meaning of FRIENDS if FRIENDS do not tell what the CONCERN about their FRIENDS?... Maybe be after reading this... I will not be the same person as you see me BEFORE... Maybe after this I would change to be more NOT ME. More quieter... I will do more listening. and last but not least... THANK YOU FOR ACTUALLY CONCERN ABOUT ME... but personally tell me what inside your mind to me first about me...

*but maybe there is no next time.

till then....


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