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Wednesday, August 3, 2011



Do you still remember of SHOWDOWN 2011 that the title won by the EleColdXHot. Congratulations to them. But then... people would always remember the winner but then what actually happen to the none-winners? Are they still dancing their passion? or they just dance for fame? well... to be honest.. I am not a very passionate SHOWDOWN 2011 because to me, I am more singer than dancer....HAHAHAHAHA!! *yawning... 

okay2.... Do you still remember who were the finalists for the FINALE SHOWDOWN 2011? Well if you don't let me reverse your brain, they were, 

EleColdXHot, HMC Phlow, BounceStepperz and Rokusteps. These were the names of the finalists for the 2011 SHOWDOWN... and there is only ONE WINNER and they are ELECOLDXHOT. but then...actually...this entry is dedicated to the BOUNCERSTEPPERZ. 

Reason? because I see the EVERY TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS at 3 PM and they perform the Traditional Dance. Hows that? Really talented they are. LOVE TO SEE THEY DANCE. Hope I can dance but I think, it just a long dream. Hurm...  btw, again, this entry isn't about me, its about BOUNCESTEPPERZ. 

Okay, BOUNCESTEPPERZ is from Pak Ngah Production *correct if im wrong. thank you. They actually the dancers from Pak Ngah. If you do not know who Pak Ngah is, you can click HERE. You can find the information about PAK NGAH there..okay? 

Bouncestepperz is very active team, though I am not the biggest fan of them but still I do know them. This group consists of 6 talented young men and women. They really can dance *if not how come they can be in SHOWDOWN 2011.  with this entry I put the picture of them. *Sorry, I had to search in their FB, I hope they do not angry about it... 

hows that?... To be honest...after seeing their videos and so on and by looking they perform the Traditional Dance @ MaTiC and seriously... they can dance... thank you...hehehe

till then...


p/s: Good to see some familiar faces.


  1. Budak perempuan yang pakai baju hitam kat dalam gambar atas sekali tu budak PLKN aku itu hari. Baru je tahu beberapa minggu lepas yang dia tu ahli Bouncestepperz. Huahua.

  2. contact dia lagi tak?..hehehe....ko masuk PLKN gak ek? ktne?

  3. Aku add dia kat FB je. Dulu kat PLKN pun tak kawan rapat sangat. Yea, PLKN kat Kem Bakau Resort, Kerteh, Teganu, Kumpulan 1 Siri 5 (Aku hapal ni weh kehkeh).

  4. owh...dia orang mana??... hahaha... aku tengok ada je dorang menari kat sini..hahaha

  5. Orang Selangor kalau tak silap aku. Entah. Huhu