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Saturday, August 6, 2011



this entry is specially made to inform you all readers and also to the world about the place of interest in Ipoh, Perak and for this special segment the title would be Ipoh Food Trail (Trail and Taste It).

Okay, in every states in Malaysia, there would be a lot of special dishes that you can taste. But for this entry, I will tell you about Ipoh Perak. Famous restaurants and so on. 

The first restaurant would be POPIAH SS ALI.

In Ipoh, Perak, Popiah SS Ali at Stall 18 of the Medan Selera Dato; Tahwil Azhar in Jalan Raja Muda Aziz is also known as Taman Kanak-kanak to local folks, its also known for the mamak-style popiah that has been around since 1973. It is filled with beansprouts, yam bean, carrots, crushed prawn fritters, fried bean curd and fried shallots and served with a homemade sweet sauce. The secret of its is in the crispy crushed prawn fritters. 

Stall 18, Medan Selera
Dato' Tahwil Azhar
Jalan Raja Musa Aziz
Category : Halal

The second restaurant would be SATE ENDUT. 

Sate Endut is very famous in Ipoh Perak. Sate is one of the popular dishes is Malaysia and it made from smalll pieces of meat or fish grilled on a skewer and served with a spice peanut sauce (kuah kacang), originally from Indonesia and Malaysia 'Satay' Endut in Ipoh which is made from small pieces of chicken and beef is very popular among the Malaysians because Endut himself was the founder of this secret generation recipe. The best thing about it is the kuah kacang itself because it is the thick smooth gravy. The satay is available in most of the night market in Ipoh.

Aneka Selera
Gourmet Square
Jalan Pesara Ipoh Satu
Category : Halal

The third famous dish when you arrive in Ipoh would be AUN KHENG LIM SALTED CHICKEN.

It is a traditional herbal recipe of the famous salted chicken in Ipoh. Salted Chicken also known as ayam garam in locak dialect and it is now the trademark of Aun Kheng Lim. It is undoubtedly famous for its unique taste and nutritious ingredients.

No.24 Jalan Theatre
30300 Ipoh
Category: Non-Halal

The last but not least woud be NASI KANDAR VANGGEY.

Nasi Vanggey in Ipoh is also known as Nasi Ganja. Ganja in Malay means 'marijuana' which makes us addicted to taste it. It served the yummy, red spicy chicken, fiery and addictive curry rice in town. What makes the curry rice is so special from the rest would be the kuah campur or the mixture from all the gravies the guy poured/doused onto the heaps of rice was spicy. Yet a subtle bitterness aftertaste ensued.

Perniagaan Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah 'Vanggey' (Kedai Kopi Yong Suan
No.2, Jalan Yang Kalsom
30250 Ipoh
Category : Halal.

Actually, there some much more places where you can eat in Ipoh but then you have to ask the local to recommend you the BEST places where you can eat. The locals know best! trust me.

till then...


p/s: I AM FASTING!...hahaha

all the pictures are from Google. Thank you.

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