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Saturday, September 24, 2011



this is a just a short entry.

I want to ask you, what would be your ways in blogwalking? 

did you just go to FB and click in the link?

did you just take any links on FB or other social medias and click it?

and my way of blogwalking is simple, maybe it is not that practical but i love to do it. Okay, i just pick a blogger, for example, this blogger. Lelaki GEEK. and i clicked at his followers and Wallah!!!!.. I just follow from there. I just pick randomly and I opened their profile and read a bit about their profile and blogs, and i follow them.

But then, unfortunately for this way, if the person does not put the details on his/her link, I cannot follow them. So, sorry.

Okay.. what about yours?.. is it the same as me?.. well... tell me.. impress me.. 


p/s: gotta go to take bath....MESRA MALL!!! here we come!

p/s; just click on the header and the link (name there)..

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