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Friday, September 30, 2011



how do you do today? 

*this was the question that I asked Deputy Dean, Madam Sharifah Nor Madiah. hehehe.. just want to be a talkative person

Tonight I want to talk about COMMITMENT.  Commitment is the hardest thing to do because once we have things need commitment, we need to give it all, but we need to balance it between few important things in our world.

If you do not have the guts to make serious commitment, then, DON'T! Don't as in DO NOT!!!... Commitment comes along with sacrifices.(plural). It means a lot of sacrifices will you have to do along the way. 

For example, let say I have a relationship. Pure love based relationship. I would do anything to actually avoid anything that would come in my path of loving the one who I love the most. That would be my priority. BUT let say, if I do not have YET the relationship. What would I do?... 

What would I do?

Well, since I do not have any commitment such love relationship, I would say, I will go out with my friends because I have them but It DOES NOT MEAN that I just can left my friends behind. But, well... I could say anything right now, because I am not into THAT situation. Maybe ONE day, I will be in the same shoes as the others but then my hope would, I will spend times with my friends too. If I don't. REMIND ME!!!

Please... to all my friends, do not feel intimidated or whatsoever because this is the reality that we have to face. I am now understand all of the actions taken by all my friends. They do it because of LOVE. Love is important and what I have learned, once we love somebody, we will do whatever to sustain and maintain the relationship. 

and as for that, y'all have my respect. Loving the one y'all love would be the best way for y'all to reduce your own stress but do not get stressed out by the relationship. Ok?...


p/s: WHO WOULD LOVE FOR ALL MY LIFE? I will love that person back in return.
p/s: I would say, I am a loyal person.

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