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Thursday, September 15, 2011



 I love to see people speak using English language but I do not care whether its American English or British English, hey!!! still, its English. Dont argue that. I am always try my very best to speak using English *at least I try .. because after my Industrial Training session, I saw that people are using English to communicate. The reason why I feel awkward here in UNISZA is because not all people use English as the main language in daily conversation, instead they use Malay. Yes.. I admit it, I use Malay language too but if we want to improve, why should not we try to use it one step at a time (if we cannot speak for the whole conversation.

The same goes in writing. I am too try my hardest *maybe I was not try that hard enough, maybe who knows right. To me my writing is the worst of all students. My tenses are all over the place. Bullshit! and also my style of writing is not very convincing and to me it is not improve at all. Maybe it just fossilized. Yes, maybe I could not do anything to correct my style of writing. *sigh

But then, I would always put the priority in speaking. I do not know why but the thing is I like to speak, yes, sometimes, I made mistakes but it does not mean that I forget that I made mistakes. I still remember and the remember-ing thingy makes me have better understanding of English. hehehe

maybe, I need to practice more and read a lot. Read the word structure and also how the author wrote the articles or paragraph or book. Read, read and read!!!

dush ! dush ! wake up akmall!!


p/s: help me please?

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