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Sunday, September 25, 2011



as promised last night, these are the photos taken during our movie day at MESRA MALL. Again, we watched Johnny English..hehehe.. hell funny!!!...hahaha

 here is BELLE with her super STARBUCKS addiction! HELL! the chocolate chip drink was SUPERB!!!! LOVE IT!!!..hahahaha

 here are MIMI, LIYA and MILA choosing the doughnuts at BIG APPLE... btw... 6 of them (the doughnuts)

 this is LIYA BABY and BELLE... smiling to the camera in BIG APPLE...

 This is BELLE and ME!!!... again in BIG APPLE... HIGH ON SUGAR!!!

 MIMI (bored already), LIYA (eating) and MILA (eating)...

 LIYA and MILA (both were very HIGH ON SUGAR!!!!) GOD help them, let them through in this cruel world. hehehe...

 BELLE is choosing RM 59.90 toys for her son...hehehe

Again, MILA, ME, MIMI and LIYA...  in front of MESRA MALL...heading home to KUALA TERENGGANU....

here are MILA, BELLE, MIMI and LIYA...without me inside because I took the picture. Hehehe...

Okay!!!!... thanks.. everyone!!! this was such a wonderful feeling and memories should not be forgotten by us!!! thanks for the memories!!! muah2!!!


p/s: just click to experience the MAJOR BIG PICTURE ALERT!!!...hahaha...

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