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Thursday, September 22, 2011



what an amazing day today, isn't? hehehe...

well... today is Thursday. To me, it means HOLIDAY!!!..hahaha.. HOLIDAY means sleep? la... Holiday does not mean sleeping all day. Well, updating my blog is one of my activities to fill in the times. Hehehe... and to me updating blog is one of my hobbies right now, it seems very motivational activity. Hahaha.. not seems but is. 

okay2... since today is HOLIDAY.... and I decided to wash my clothes.

And now, I want to look at last week's works which like mountaining my table. Urrgghhh...!!! but hey... remember, learning process is a continuum process which involves our good mind and physical. It is because good mind and physical are the important elements to receive the things that we learn into our mind. I am not in the position to talk about good mind and healthy physical but what I can give you all readers is a little bit about the article that I have read. 

Okay... like this.. to be a person who has very good mind, you need to be positive and listen to what other people have to say about you. Listening does not mean you agree with them but you have to think for a while and if you find that the things that they have been saying are good then, made you decision and go on with it. Be positive is the hardest thing to do because to not be in doubt (skepticism) is very hard. It is because our surrounding teaches us to be skepticism. Yes... it does! It teaches me to skepticism. Did I say skepticism is not good? No, right? Being skepticism is good but DO NOT OVER SKEPTICISM because when you over do it, you will have DOUBT in EVERYTHING! and this is not good AT ALL!!!

Second one, healthy physical. It means here living a healthy life. Do not smoke, eat healthy and more of all exercise. Exercise is important to get a healthier body. It does not mean that you have to run and sprint to get a very nice body without flabby, fat and so no , NO! but you can start with small exercise because once you are comfortable with your body, it means here that you will be able to actually work your body to the stage or level where tense is needed. So, start it now! okay? do not wait until you watch The Biggest Loser because the contestants were put in the ranch where they will work their ass off to lose weight without thinking about the challenges awaits for them outside. But us, we need to implement the techniques but in a practical way and fits it to our Tropical Hot and Rain Area. Can you?

Okay, I think it is enough for now, please,,, live a healthy life. OK?


p/s: Blogging is my life now.

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