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Friday, September 16, 2011



what a beautiful Friday morning!!!

am I right? here in Kuala Terengganu, the day is super hot!!! like hot hot hot!!!..but then... it is good because like right now we are having a Pesta Konvokesyen and if its rain... it will devastate all the stalls right? hahaha...

btw... today in Terengganu is weekend... and  today is also the celebration of Hari Malaysia 16th September... so... automatically ALL the Malaysians are having their day off today right? Good huh? hehehe.. same goes to me!!

okay2... after several days struggling with the Industrial Training Report!!!... Im done!!! done!!! done!!! I submitted yesterday to my academic Industrial Training supervisor. I said to my supervisor... *which was for information Mr Noor Azizi Borhan... Thank God!!!..hahaha...

Jared Leto... God this is insane!!!

For this semester, we, BEN 7  have only THREE days of lectures and tutorial but those days are incredibly pack. Pack with subjects and this is something that we did not experience in the previous semesters. To experience it in this semester would be very good because we only have two semesters to experience EVERYTHING!!... like EVERYTHING!! because after this, after graduated, we will scattered all over Malaysia (because we are not coming from the same state) looking for new life and so on. That would be much like to be interesting. Maybe after several years like 10 years after graduated from UNISZA, we will meet again and do like REUNION, who knows right? that time would be very INTERESTING because being able to see everybody AGAIN. I could not imagine it. Hehehe... how many transformations would people received in 10 years away from each other? some maybe had married, working, mom, CEO, not marry yet at the age of something-something. All of that is very interesting. I would love to see more of it. I am looking forward for that day. I love it!

Gosh! to many English here..hehee...

well.. we do not know what might happen in 10 years time right? who knows maybe I still pursuing my other hobbies... who knows right? hahah.... Fashion Designer, Chef, Entrepreneur,  and a very nice husband to my wife and also very good father to my kids. Let the dreams come true! 

okay... too much here already.. need to wake up to face the reality, and for sure reality is not something that nice and lovely. Reality is something that cruel but not all the time. Just sometimes.

okay!! enough


p/s: me being a husband and father? hehehe


  1. I can see that you are eager to be a father? Hehe. Don't worry lah, sooner or later the time will come :)

  2. insyaAllah i will be meeting you with at least 2 kids and a husband, with business as the field of my career. amien...

  3. wahida: hahha.... would i be a great father for my kids and also to my wife?

  4. Nadhirah: amin.. btw i think you will have a very good, pious, husband...