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Sunday, September 25, 2011



today was the day that me,Belle, Mimi, Liya and Mila went to watch the movie. It is like the movie day... and the lucky movie was!!!.... JOHNNY ENGLISH!!... Johnny English is a movie from Britain. Hello... English!!! Rowan Atkinson is Johnny English. Who does not know Rowan Atkinson, kindly raise your hand up!!! and choke your neck to death!!!...hahaha.. Rowan Atkinson is MR BEAN!!! HEllo..anybody home... takkan la korang tak tahu MR BEAN tu sapa. Mr Bean is a famous mumbling-comedian-actor in this world. Hell, i do not know what he was saying in his MR BEAN Series

Okay.. let me tell you a bit about the journey today. It was a wonderful thought to go to Mesra Mall with friends. Just to mingle around with each other. It was the last semester's idea. This idea was created last semester by me, Mila, Liya and also Nazirah. The idea was created during the TOT English Camp at Merang Suria Beach Resort. It was one-minute idea. Hahaha... but it went well. That time we watched Hantu Kak Limah Balik Kampung and I do not remember the other movie... We had great time..

And as for today, it was better, awesome and so on. I love every moment of the journey. Well, the journey to MESRA MALL started from Kuala Terengganu at 12.00 pm and we arrived at Mesra Mall at 2.30 pm. We took the high way road from Kuala Berang to Dungun and it took only 1 hour but then it was heavily rain so we decided to drive the car slowly. Hehehe... just to avoid any accident or what ever. 

In the car, we (me and belle) talked about everything. Ranging form life to funny stories. Love every moment in the car. Then, after we arrived there, we went straight to the Food Court. We ate something from Mamak Stall...duh!!!..hahaha.. I want to eat sizzling or claypot.. unfortunately.. there were not ready yet... so.. because of hunger.... I bought nasi putih and chicken from Mamak Stall. Pity. Then after we eat, we went into the hall to see JOHNNY ENGLISH!!! It was fun. Rowan Atkinson played Johnny English! Total funny! Love every single take of the movie. We laughed through out the movie. I had stop from laughing to avoid problem with my mouth. *takut je tak ley tutup mulut....hahahah...

then after that we took a short tour in Mesra Mall which has nothing but better then Kuala Terengganu's Mydin and Giant. Hihu..... Then we went back home!

Gosh!!! tiring but FUN!!! Love it!


p/s: I had to sleep to catch some rest and I will post the picture tomorrow. Okay? thanks.

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  1. yes~~~ I did watch Johnny English... and it was funny, in fact it was hilarious... Love that!!! Rowan Atkinson without making funny face can attract the younger generations with his unbelievable comedy ability!!!...HAHAAH~~~