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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Good Morning All!!!

Oh Mi God!!! Today is the biggest and busiest day ever. okay, let me list down what will be the amazing activities for today. Okay?

List of activities:

1. Submit assignment
2. Submit assignment
3. Submit assignment
4. Help my friend photocopying books (if have time)
5. Committee Meeting (BES) 
6. Support FBK's Netball Team
7. Support FBK's Futsal Team
8. Preparing for tomorrow's night General Meeting.
9. Search for information regarding previous classes.
10. Preparing for replacement claseSSSSS (plural)

okay... overall these are the activities that will be ticked for today and i hope i will do the best for me and other people too who are rooting for me. They believe in me so, I need to repay them.

so, Good luck to me for today! and have a pleasant day everyone. Muah2!!!


p/s: today is kinda gloomy. The day. Gloom.

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