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Friday, September 23, 2011



sometimes listening to songs is the best therapy. Reason? when we listen to the songs that we love and like, we somehow satisfy our emotion. Even though we are in sad, angry, lost and so on. 

Because of that, now I am listening to my several fave songs, for example, If Die Young by Band Perry, Moves Like Jagger by Maroon Five feat Christina Aguilera. Love these songs very much. Again, songs will put my emotion to the place it belongs. 

Today, I learned a few things. 
First, without proper exercise I would not be able to perform. It means here, last few days, I was playing badminton with Mila, Habil and Park Lee and Hadi, it was like HELL!!! I cannot play anymore, my skills are all over the place. I was like very stupid in placing the shuttle cock. Shit! Shit! Shit! those were the words came out from my mouth. Well.. that was a few days before today, imagine that the pain of sudden action of playing, my body is like sengal-sengal and my joints are very painful. Yes, it is!

And then, today, morning, I had a Explorace within BES... and the pain started to like attack. It was total pain. Total! Total!!! I was and still in pain. God! I do not know what to do except for lying on the bed and sleep maybe.
Wow... I wish I could have time to actually exercise properly. Yes, I will have that time. One day. 

Okay2... that is enough for now, I am too dam tired. I do not get enough rest so, resting is best way to relieve my back pain. Done!! SLEEP!

p/s: Too sleepy.

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