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Monday, September 26, 2011



wah.... kemain lagi dalam kelas aku sekarang ni. As I mentioned in the previous entry, my statistics class is VERY INTERACTIVE!!! I love my statistics class. 

The INTERACTIVENESS comes from the students. The students are very interactive. All of them including me!!!... love it! 

The lecturer too is interactive. But, as always, we have but for everything. Am i right?...

We learn today starting with QUIZ!!!!... MIGOD!!!

I am too, interested in every single thing that my friend are doing. LOVE THEM!!!...

btw... I found that the lecturer who is teaching in front is a TRUE LECTURER!!! I cannot deny that...hahahah..... please!!!... it is a very good way to teach students....BEN Students...hahhaa.. love the lecturer. 

Then, he asked us about our motivation? well.... he asked us about what is our motivation coming to UNISZA and take Bachelor of English. As for me, my motivation would be the letter I received from the MOE and btw.. I love ENGLISH. I do not need any other reason to show that I am into ENGLISH studies even though, I have limited ability to understand ENGLISH and also I am not from ENGLISH environment family. Hihu......


p/s: I love to be in the class!!!...hahahah

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  1. I can see that you're so enthusiastic
    with ur stats class..have fun!