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Tuesday, September 27, 2011



 after having a chat with my friend, WAN MAZRINA, just mention her name. 

I have come to a very unique conclusion, i do not know whether it is a coincidence but it seems very unique! very!!

Okay, for this semester, as all know, we have just several subjects and we are very interested in learning all the subjects. *swear to God!!.. i don't lie that much....

Okay !!!...
let me just go straight to the point!!!

our Statistics and Communication Research. The lecturer is Dr Aziz bin Abdullah.

our Public Relations and Media Writing. The lecturer is Madam Azizah binti Yusoff.

our Translation subject. The lecturer is Madam Azizah binti Endut.

our Critical Thinking subject. The lecturer is Madam Akmah binti Jusoh.

our Research Methodology subject. The lecturer is Dr Nazri bin Latiff Azmi. 

our Contrastive and Error Analysis subject. The lecturer is (Dr to be , we pray for your success ), Kamariah binti Yunus.

for your information, these people just few people who currently teaching us.. but previously, there were so many other lecturers who taught us! love them very much!!..mucho gracias!!!...hehehe..

if you see the names of the lecturers above, you will find the similarities and thus you can create your own generalisation. Just try, give a shot!! hahaha..


p/s: I love all the lecturers.. Tak gituw madam Sally?..haaha 

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