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Thursday, September 22, 2011



Morning.. Morning?? WTH? kan... well.. as long as it is not 12 yet... so.. it morning la...hehehe..., I had a dream about my old friends. Those all friends were from my old school. The school's name is Sekolah Menengah Agama Al-Ulum Ad-Dinniah Dong or as know as SMAD. Well... maybe it has hikmah behind all that dream but I do not know yet. Well,.. I am looking forward to seeing them again. SMAD from YEAR 2001 - 2005. These were my years. My years of studies religously in SMAD. Memories.

Well.. come back to real life. I was talking about the reason of existence in the previous entry. Well, actually it is easy for us answer such mind-manipulating question right? but it does not mean that we cannot answer it. I learned in Critical Thinking, we need to 'PAUSE and STOP' for a while to actually THINK to get the answer and why we say so (REASONING). Actually, it helps all the students to be mature in thinking. We just cannot think straight away. To be like that is something we called in Malay 'membabi-buta' or direct translation "pigging-blindly"?...hahahaha.... well..'membabi-buta' means we do something WITHOUT thinking about the consequences in the future. So, PAUSE and THINK!

To me another reason (which everybody has a lot of reasons for the answer 'Why they exist in this world?') is to learn. Yes! Learning is something that we will do for the rest of our lives. To learn something everyday in our lives is precious. Sometimes, one little thing we learned yesterday can make a big different for tomorrow because we can assume other people know what we learned but not everyone know how to actually exploit the information or the thing that we have learn in various ways. That's all!!! It all about implementation. Implementation is crucial because when we learn something, we need to be able to adapt all the things that we have learn into our everyday lives. Okay?

Well... I think it is too long to read but hey, learn ok? learn... maybe sometimes my entries are not constant or not continuously in English Language but it does not mean I cannot write it right? because before I write something, usual I will take a minute and think about who will read my entries. That's All.. YES!! I know... PAUSE AND THINK!!! (it makes a good to Madam Akmah).

well.. farewell.

p/s: I was very surprised because I would never thought I could write like this.  Thank you to all my lecturers for being so nice to me. Thank you.