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Friday, September 23, 2011



how are you today....

RED. yes!!! the colour RED, I found it this evening is VERY SEXY! Why? some people say everything you say MUST have reason (s). But as for me, I just feel that RED is SEXY. I do not know where, the sexiness of RED colour but seriously, it is SEXY

 Yeah right, If you have this body... wear anything... It will look sexy on you..hahahha

 Hello.. this is Christiano Ronaldo okay!!! like... very sexy person living on earth... but I heard that he is Bisexual?...~lalalallala~~~

 TO me.. this woman in this picture represents what is sexy is all about. THis woman is very sexy!! seriously!!!

Well. I do not know what to comment on this picture.

 Haik??? Ben Ashaari wearing RED is also one of the sexy men alive? wow!!!
I do not know about this!!! you judge...

but then... yes, with good and beautiful body, wearing RED shirt (any kind) is SEXY. Seriously!!! 

Hahaha... again, I speak for both, man and female. Thank you.

Migod!! I need to sleep like now because tomorrow, I have an event to attend regarding new students of Bachelof of English. okay....

btw... thanks for the story just now (BELLE), it somehow opens my eyes of what people look like (their true colours) . Positive is something very damn hard to do right now. But then, to that person, I don't blame you for being so damn &*(&(^*(, how dare you to judge me?. Hahaha.. who knows better than myself. It is my self, btw, Belle and Pz, both of you are the person who actually show me this world of hatred. Thank you for keep on advising me, through out our friendship, thank you . Belle, you tell me story that other people would love to see me alien to something and Pz you teach me to be positive, yes! You are. 

Thank you. I am very glad that you are my friends. Best friends. Other are great too, but not as best friends. Other people have their own best friends, so do I... Thank you for being my friend. Thank you.

Well.. too much there..hehehe.. okay..good night!


p/s: I am trying to be positive now and thank God, i did not crack my head yet. 

p/s: communication is essential!

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