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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hi semua....

Tuam-tuam dan puam-puam , sebenarnya (Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan okay)...

dengan ini aku mengumumkan ... aku baru je balik dari kelas... voley? sila lihat jam anda!!! pukul 12 AM lebih da kan? tak ke giler tu namanya? adoi...sengal!!!... memang sengal rasa badan-badan.

okay... kelas yang dihadiri tadi adalah kelas Public Relations and Media Writing by Madam Azizah Yusoff. She is from RTM Terengganu. She is the Director of RTM Terengganu. MiGOD!!! We have an real expert in broadcasting and media works, not like before, before, we HAD a lecturer with pure-no-teaching-mind at all. Reason why said that? It is because when she-cannot-be-mentioned-the name (macam harry potter da) taught us, she-cannot-be-mentioned-the-name was like, "Awak semua bace je la slides, handouts ni... nanti saya tanya kamu semua. Saya nak idea kamu. Itu je." I was like? WTFFFF (sorry for the word but its the truth)... Even, when I was explaining the handouts in 2 years back, I was better than her, everyone in the class understand with the examples that I provided to them. Hahaha (seyesly... tak caya you all bley ask my friends...Weeeee.... lecturer in advanced).....

Done with that tut!!!!

Back to Madam Azizah Yusoff, she is amazingly tough!! she is tough!! very. Reason? before I go any further, I ask her about two major things, 

Firstly, about Attendance. I asked about, what if I came to the class like late about 5 minutes, and she answered, "Well,,, I will circle the attendance and it means you are not attend the class". Okay, fine, it means we have to come to the class... like 30 minutes earlier?..Shall we guys?..hehehe. 

Second question, "Madam, what about the attire? Would be okay if we wear like this, casual attire?". The answer was. "Yes, I am okay with your attire right now, that would not a big problem to me". So, my interpretation from the answer would be, as long as you come to class, it would be ok. And after thought would be, wear appropriate attire when come to the class.

Move on to the what we learned in the class, just now. I learned about the meaning of Public Relations from the eyes of REAL EXPERT. Like, she has 25 years of experiences in Public Relations and Media Broadcasting. Yes! She is tough and strict! I cannot deny that but hey, it is okay, as long as we learn, *mati la aku....hehehe. Btw, she is good, I cannot deny that too, seriously good, but maybe after hours of classes in the morning and afternoon, we (BEN 7) kinda TIRED and EXHAUSTED! but it does not mean we cannot learn anymore , YES we can learn but SLOWLY. Like myself, my battery was running out already. Hehehe...
Okay2.. too much already. I want to sleep and We (BEN 7) will have replacement class tomorrow's morning. Madam Akmah (Critical Thinking). Love this class too. 


p/s: Gotta love all the classes and SUBJECTS!!!

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