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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hye All!!!

how was your day today?? was it good? going to numerous classes ... ffuuh!!!...

okay.. let me tell you a little bit about today.

The First class!!! Madam Kamariah (Error Analysis) love this class.. even though it was just the replacement class.. since it was conducted on the early morning. and I was like?..what? but then we HAVE to go to the class... Like HELLO!!! it is the responsibility... We have too.

Okay.. second class was with Madam Azizah (The Dean), Translation. Hehehe.. Love this class too... Translating sentences was not a easy task. Seriously!!! like we have to know about all the LANGUAGES in the particular language. This is because when we want to translate something, we need to actually know the culture of the targeted language. *malas tulis banyak sangat.. nti belajar banyak nanti baru tulis.. boleh?

Third class was with MADAM AKMAH!!!. Weeee... critical thinking. Love it too because I understand the class today. I mean, I was able to perform well during the class.. *I was the UNAPPOINTED GROUP LEADER...saja ngada2 nak buat... per lagi..syiok sendiri..hahaha..
LAST CLASS!!! with my ALL TIME FAVOURITE LECTURER! DR NAZRI BIN LATIFF AZMI!!!... RM... Research Methodology! Like hello.. no final exam ok.. love it.... but hell lot of work after this.. for sure!!.kan Dr?..

Those were for today and as tomorrow... HOLIDAY!!! because we have no class on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday~~!! Cuba kira berapa hari BEN 7 cuti??? BANYAK KAN?? JANGAN JELES!!!...hahahha....

okay2.. malam ni ada meeting.. so... all the followers keep on reading my blog/writings because more update after this... AFTER THE MEETING!!!..hahaha...

p/s: esok nak buat apa ek?...

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