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Monday, September 19, 2011


hi semua...

hi kawan-kawan? apa khabar? hari kelas penuh...hehehe...

ye la..

12.00pm : Contrast And Error Analysis by (Dr to be, Amin... Madam Kamariah Yunus)

Her class was superb!!! Seriously... I love her class... Even though I have limited knowledge of Grammar but it does not mean I cannot LOVE her class. I will learn and master grammar, eventually. But for now, I need to learn extensively from those who master English grammar. Hehehe...

2.30pm - 5.30pm : Statistics for Communication Research by Dr Abd Aziz ...

Yeay.... well... what would be the best word to describe the class just now..


~~still searching the word~~~

~~still searching the correct word~~~

~~~still searching the correct and appropriate word~~~


haaa!!!!... interactive !!!! (my Gosh...hehehe!!!)

ok done!

okay...after those classes I went to student Mall UNISZA.... to have some snack..hehehe

that was all my activity for the day...


p/s: I hope you can see through my walls!!!

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