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Wednesday, October 12, 2011



yesterday, we did learn about the causes of committing mistakes in written form (English). 

It was taught by Madam Alia. For me, she just want to see how well actually know  about the subject Contrastive and Error Analysis. She will me focusing more on Error Analysis. I do not know whether yesterday was too 'evening' but yesterday's class somewhat the reflection of what we have learned. She makes is simpler. I do not know about the others, but I found that Contrastive and Error Analysis is very interesting subject to be studied.

I admire her way of speaking. She makes everything look easier. In fact, I love the way she speaks. Yesterday's class was great and I love the way of teaching. But I think the way she teaches is I think, not the same as the TESL students. Maybe because Degree-Diploma thingy but for me, if you are good with one method and everyone is happy with the teaching method, why change? I am no one to speak about this, maybe she has her own reason but after all, I love the way she teaches now. Its fresh. New. Chic and fashionable. (should I say fashionable?)...hehehe.. yes... 

*sorry Madam Salina, you have contenders (plural means me, belle, madam Alia..hahahah)... we are your contenders!!!...

btw... Faculty of Languages and Communication has lecturers who are very nice and firm. I could say that because, even though, your are closed to each other, it does not mean that you can make jokes and so on. Joking has limit. Sometimes, we have to take the lecturers seriously. She can be nice but do not step between the line. Mind you feet then. Hahah... it means, do not simply make something that out of this world. Be nice.

Well.. everything is well said I believe. So, if one of my friends read this, then. tell your other friends in the same class... remind us, them, they... or.. you just can apply this in your environment. Do not just simply say that, "that is his class.. not mine, Mine is different, total different". no, sometimes, it does happen but not in the same situation. Just a little bit different. Beautifully Imperfect. That's All.


p/s: I am looking forward to see more of her and my class.. luv u.

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