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Tuesday, October 11, 2011



that was very good. ~~phewww~~

Well.... you must be wondering what am I talking about right? hahaha.... actually, we had a discussion on the Madam Alia's Contrastive and Error Analysis *done already... the discussion was interactive *love to use the word interactive.. because it was very interactive.. we laughed..very damn much...hahaha..

what a cute cat....

and even, we found a rare talent in DJ-ing. hehehe... well... if its for the RADIO MALAYSIA TERENGGANU, YES! I belive it would be very nice. To be honest, you actually have the talent to be DJ. Like SERIOUSLY!!.. You'd better send your resume (recorded version of your voice)... btw.. being a DJ, does not need you to show your face all the time. Me too, if have the talent, I would go but seriously, my recorded version of my voice IS not nice to hear. Its bitchy...hahaha.. bangang tak?...

Well, I need to NOT-TO-SLEEP-TONIGHT because I still have several things to finish.



p/s: God, help me.

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