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Sunday, October 2, 2011



helllooooo everyone!!! 

*followers and readers... thank you for reading my writings. Hehehe.. 

okay.... in the previous entry, I did post about the test given by Allah to me. Yes.. I was shocked and I am very grateful because I found the bag already. Alhamdulillah, Syukur.

Okay.. let me tell you a story. Thing happened today. It was in the mid noon. My friends (BELLE AND PZ) and me went to a food stall(not really a stall but some sort of restaurant), do you know Selera Melaka beside UMT, then, we went there to tapau food. 

On the way back, we were talking and laughing but then one accident took place in front of our eyes. The boy who involved in the accident was can be said as badly injured because he broke his arm. It was obvious because we did see his arm like broke. Saw it!  

*I wish I could wipe out the memory from my mind.

At first we did not know that the student was from UNISZA but then when we heard from a trustworthy informer, that boy is one of the UNISZA's student. Semester 1. We actually did not know how on earth the accident was happening, but then, I really hope it will not happen to me. Please ALLAH, please do not test me in such challenging situation like theaccident, I really hope not.

In this world, there are many others who have been and still being tested/test by Allah. But Allah wants to see us to solve the test. It is like a small puzzle. Will we be able to solve the puzzle or we just send our pray to Allah and hoping that Allah will help us solve the puzzle without the efforts from ourselves.  Or we solve the puzzle with doa to Allah and with the constant efforts. Well, try to figure it out. Do not forget to solat hajat and pray to Allah. Maybe y'all find the answer. 

As for me, last night, I did pray solat hajat and Alhamdulillah, Allah answered my prayer, and today, I found the bag. But above all, DO NOT LEAVE ALLAH BEHIND. PLEASE. Yes, I may not that constant with my prayers and so on, but I will put more and more efforts to be aware of all that. I will. I hope. 

I am going to sleep now, with flowerish heart, because I so happy to get back what is belong to me. Thank you.

 nak jadi macam happy feet ni ke?... adoi?..


p/s: Try to sleep with a broken heart-song from Alicia Keys. ME? Im not!

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