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Monday, October 3, 2011



Good morning!!! How do you do today? What a beautiful day today!!!! Love it very much.

okay2... today I would like to talk about something. Yes, something that we may know but we do not know what actually happen. 

okay... have you ever heard of the word "FORGET/FORGOT". *please ignore whether its past or present. I am not talking about the tenses here but I want to talk the meaning of the word "forget/forgot". cease or fail to remember; be unable to recall: to forget someone's name. omit or neglect unintentionally: I forgot to shut the window before leaving. leave behind unintentionally; neglect to take: to forget one's keys. omit mentioning; leave unnoticed.
5. to fail to think of; take no note of

So, in my case, the suitable meaning would be the first one. GOD! I tend to forgot something like ALWAYS. So, that is why I forgot the place that I put my bag. GOD! hehehe... 

Maybe some of you DID sick about me telling about the bag that I lost for a while but you cannot blame me for I am happy for. Hehehe... 

BTW, don't you think it weird when y'all have like hundreds of followers but a few only commented on the blog. I am not talking about other people, I am talking in my context, I have quite a number of followers but unfortunately... I would love to see their comments. But,,, I could not, I do not know why.

*it does not mean y'all have to drop by on my every single entry. NO, just once a while would be enugh. hehehe...


p/s: I was listening to BUMAC

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