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Thursday, November 17, 2011



 How do you do today? I hope everyone would be in good shape!!!... which I am not now,because I am not attending a very INTERESTING CLASS!!! *but who cares right?

BTW, today is the day when the UPSR result came out. I want to congrats all those ( Standard Six Students) all over Malaysia who took UPSR.... before that, you did a great job in the examination. Okay?

BTW (again), I am bored!!! BORING!!! LIKE HELL!!! You know what.. actually, i have nothing to write but to congrats all the students.. if not, hell... I am sleepy (after ate VARIOUS snack).. GOSH!!!

This evening we are going to play badminton.. (pedulik haku...hahaha).. I NEED TO EXERCISE.. MY BODY WEIGHT IS ALREADY INCREASE!! I am like a baby elephant already. GOSH!!!.. Please... please...

ni aku dulu...sekarang cuba la tambah 60 KG... gilloo!!!!..

Assalamualaikum WBT.

p/s: korang rasa lau aku ni gemuk? ada ke yang nak kat aku?...i mean... do people love me if i am fat? seriously?


  1. Kalau dah suka..orang tak kira gemuk ke kurus..

  2. ye la kak..tapi usaha ke arah kurus tu perlu jugak kot..hihu~~~