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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hi y'all!!!

For this entry I would love to write it in English. Well, not because Im a English man, or student who currently taking English course. no! no!.. but I just feel like it. Well, you what I mean right? not that I am bored writing in Malay but sometimes, I need to practice what I have learned which is.. English..hahaha.. *love Liverpool accent. Wish to talk like those people ... hihu~~

Well, for this entry, I would love to share with you about this one female model named Allison Harvard. She is a very good model. She 'borne' from America's Next Top Model and if I am not mistaken, it was Cycle 12 in year 2009. Unfortunately, she was a Runner-Up, she lost to Teyona. Well, it is okay, as long as I love her. Not matter what. Hahaha... OKay, I would like to show you her pictures and her signature look would be, "Quirky-Eyes" with that round-big-fat eyes, anything could happen. When I look into her eyes, as if she want to eat me with her eyes. Gosh!! Love it so very much.

see her eyes?

so grace...

see her eyes..hihu~~

in her beginning of her career..

her eyes again.

this is the most memorable picture.

like this picture too.

Well, these are her pictures. Love it...hahahaha

P/s: It is a good feeling to write about her.

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