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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hi semua...

hanya tinggal beberapa jam je lagi aku akan menempuhi perjalanan yang agak jauh untuk aku balik ke kampung aku...dah hari selepas balik tu aku akan pergi ke Negeri Sembilan untuk pertunangan my cousin lepas tu balik ke kampung aku balik then lastly.. balik ke Kuala Terengganu. Gosh! What a journey...but that would be the best thing ever (will) happen to me... hihu~~ 

Well... being in Terengganu for 3 1/5 years brought me a new experience. Study, make friends and so on, it is such an experience. I could not change it for anything in my life. I just love the life of studying. It is not as good as working but still it is one of the spices in our lives. Let say, If were not in UNISZA, where would I be? Where would I study? Would I be like this? Would I have many friends? Would I have friends like I have now? Would I? Well, seriously I;m telling you, I DON'T KNOW because all the rezeki, and all are in HIS hand. It is all His work. 

To all my friends, UNISZA Friends, my classmates, Nadhirah, Belle, Pz, Ayie, Mat Dhu, Anip, Anas, Wan Zool, Fazree, Tamimi, Amirul, Andrew, Tony, Dean, Wan Nor, Wan Mazrina, Zakiah, Aisyah, Izzah, Nur Izzah, Fadilah, Mila, Liya, Nazirah Fathil, Siti Aminah, Fiona, Angah, Nadz, Kak Nik, Hawa, Azilah, Mimi, Eza, Kak Yuni, Yeong, Jihan dan Yana. I would like to apologies for anything happened. Just a sincere apology. Just. 

Assalamualaikum WBT.

p/s: it is just crossed in my mind that I need to apology from everyone. Just. Well, I will be back tomorrow so, if anything happens to me, I am sorry for everything. Okay? (^_^)


  1. weee. nama ak first!!!

    smga slmt pjlnn.

    minta maaf juga!

  2. hahha..terlambat... takpe..sama lah...