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Sunday, December 25, 2011


Hye everyone!!!

If I mention this one name to you, you would be very pleased because you know this person. She is a singer and well.. she is she (obviously) not he. She has incredible voice and LONG TIME AGO she was on the top and she was also named the Blue Eyed Soul Singer. What a enormous title given by people to her. She hits the highest notes. She had a very good image but then in the middle of her top years.. she became a little *not a lil bit.. but she became a DIRTY big momma..!!  well... she is BIG now. Yet, I am a big fan. I do have her album especially the Burlesques Album. She sang in there.

Let me show you her picture then and NOW!! hahahah

She is total slim here...haha

but here.. GOSH! she is getting bigger
Well2.. this is the WORSE!!!

Well2.. PICTURES DO SPEAK A MILLION WORDS!!!!.. hahahaha...

p/s: speechless!!! btw.. Christina Aguilera did had a bad mouth on a celebrity... Kelly Osbourne.. she said that Kelly is FAT... hey!! look who is FAT right now..hahaha


  1. awat dia jadi lagu tu..stress ka apa

  2. tu la.. dia tak amik statistics...hahahaha..