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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hi semua...

yes!!! finished already!!
apa khabar? korang semua mesti sihat alhamdulillah kan? well.. for those who read my piece of writing here, it is better for you to know that our (BEN 7's) exam is done. at 5.30 pm just now. Hahaha.. gosh!! i would be very nervous for the result out-ing day... hahahahaa...  well.. seriously.. I do not know what to expect for this semester's result.. whenever I aim high *after the exam.. my grade would be down like hell.. whenever I just take it lightly, the result will expectedly-good. Hihu~~ that is my way of expressing the feeling..hahaha..towards result.

okay!!.. enough with the examination; which to us human would never ever ends. Right?  Well... this entry too I would like to dedicate to my lecturer. I want to apology to him because I have done something bad to him. Lets not mention his name here but the thing that I know is, he is a kind person actually because of miscommunication occurred I had this negative perception towards him. I am so sorry sir. 
Well, everything was cleared up very well by friend, we did see him personally to settle this thing and thank God everything cleared. Thanks Allah. Now, we will always find Allah whenever we want something, I did pray for everything to go well and my pray was answered well. Thanks Allah again. Alhamdulillah to Him. 

Now, I want to let the stress out by playing badminton with my friends and we will play for like 3 hours tonight!! hahaha.. when we play.. we will play hard. hahahaha... for sure darling all.

Assalamualaikum WBT.

p/s: I want to solat first then, we will play.


  1. Mu hop dpt mrkh tggi skali nerves, ak hop mrkh antra yg rndh carry mak ni, xtau la gane

  2. Khen... tu la.. well.. nak buat cmne.. aku pun ni tah hapa2... lulus pun okay da nadhirah wehh...