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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hi semua..

well..should I say, Good Morning all!!! How do you do on 11/1/2012 morning, today is Wednesday kan? So, what would be your plan? any interesting plan that I should try? 

Scuba diving? hurmm...hahaha

Well... today I am going to wake up late actually, and that is why I made this entry, this entry was written at 3.15 in the morning. Quite late huh? because, I had this sad feeling surrounded me after watching several videos about Islam. It is not that I'm afraid but its more to the sad. I do not know why on earth I was sad. But then, after I performed my Isyak solat *well, do not judge me for late solat.. please... hihu~~ 

well... this is goood!!!

Well, as for now, I am still sleeping and trying *hardly to wake up for Subuh prayer. Gosh, so damn hard for me to wake up for Subuh. It is always like that. It is not that I did not put alarm to my ears but my stupid fingers would just love to put the alarm off. Shoot!

So, I want to sleep at 3.30 am. Gud nite. or should I say, good afternoon to you all readers.

Assalamualaikum WBT.

p/s: well... hihu~

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