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Monday, January 9, 2012



Do you encountered any miscommunication in your very own life? well.. whatever it is, miscommunication or misunderstood...? well.. do you know that miscommunication by other people can lead to major disappointment to those who involved in such event?  Slanders? Have you ever heard of that word? Well.. if you did not, you do now. 
Miscommunication, misunderstood, slanders are in the same family and categories. When I say such word like HATRED, those who love to misunderstood things called CONCERN.. that what I have learned for these few days. Even though, I said I have move on but if does not mean that I totally forgot about it. No! I would not. I would not forget those who did this to me. You said it revenge, NO IT IS NOT!! It is what I called JUSTICE. If you said that I am just the same with the people-who-love-misunderstood, no you are totally wrong. I am fighting for my justice.. but those people? they are fighting for their own pleasure. Yes! I know who are those people. They breathe the same air, they live in this world, btw, cruel world that they already invented, they drink the same plain water, they eat what God made, they walk on this world, their roof are the skies God created but what makes them different is they LOVE to misunderstood others, I believe, this is not the first time. I know it already you people. I knew it!

This is my way of telling stories. I would not mention NAMES again. Believe me!!! That fucking total mistakes WILL NOT BE HAPPENING AGAIN!!! BELIEVE ME! but, believe this, I will find you and I will make your lives miserable.  This is JUSTICE, I called it.. and I think you called REVENGE right? Whatever!!!

Assalamualaikum WBT.

p/s: this world is round... do you believe in KARMA? Well...

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