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Monday, January 9, 2012


Hi semua...

korang pernah dengar tak akan perkataan "Boundary". Boundary bermaksud sempadan. Sempadan adalah sesuatu yang kita perlu tahu. We can learn it either the soft ways or the hard ways. You choose. AND today, I have learned something, from the hard way (maybe). I posted this in my FB...

well.. not this picture.. hihu~~

Hahaha, thank you. I learned something last night and today, which I will remember for the rest of my life ; no matter how close you are with a person (s) higher (education, bosses, people who older) than you, make sure that you remind yourself that you need to have that boundraies... It is the world without boundaries, not the human,. They have that boundaries. Remember that.

So, what you have learned from reading my FB post up there? Well.. that conclusion is at the end of the sentence there. Humans have boundaries. It is that easy right? but it is the hardest thing to do. Simple thing can be the biggest thing ever. Because of people are so damn concern about other people's doing, they tend to EVEN stalk on others' walls and they somehow misunderstood things and they interpret things which not relevant to the post-ers or the commentators... So, the lives of the people who commented on the wall is so damn fucked up, right? It is. 
snakes? well. I know them now..

Well... since there so many miscommunication happened in this world, I took a drastic action by blocking people from my FB, plus.. I will do it again after this because that it the only way to make people stay away from me. It is better to just block them rather than they wondering around my eyes. Gosh!!! *sangat menyakitkan hati. 

Plus.. FB is just a social networking site which for those who like to post and comment *like me.. but.. somehow, other people LOVE to see others' walls.. they said, on the name of justice and to see you progress.. 

Some more, before, I have asked my respective people *person who I look up to.. she said that do not overuse the words because I will be in big trouble and the other said, "I am okay with that but are we even friends?" So, I know already that in this cruel world.. NO NO NO!!! it is not the world that cruel.. people make it cruel.. YES! people make it cruel... I know that now. Hatred, cruel people make the beloved world become cruel and hatred. I know that now. Big thank you for those people. LOVE YOU VERY DAMN MUCH ...~~(^_^)~~...  

Well.. again, the function of Facebook is actually to be friend with people who we do not know. Like, artists, musicians, other peoples' bosses, administration, Rihanna, Celine Dion, other people from other galaxies, people from hell, cruel people, people full with hatred.. kan? but.. 

do you know that FB also has it own benefits? We can be friend with our REAL Friends.. believe me.. we can!!! and as for that.. people who are in class Bachelor of English Semester 7 are the best friends I have ever had... thank you.. thank you very much..

mengata... hihu...
Assalamualaikum WBT.

p/s: I do have friends, other friends too, back at my village.. love them too... thank you.

p/s: thank you cruel people who taught me something last night and today.. thank you. 

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