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Sunday, February 19, 2012


HI semua...

Kali ni aku nak kenalkan seorang artis luar negara. Well.. I would be so much easier to me to tell about this artist using English language, alright? Okay, 

Okay, this artist name (the born name) is Yvette Marie Stevens... Do you know who the artist is when I just mentioned her full name? Well... let me give a little bit more hints.. okay? She is a she and she was named the Queen of Funk. Well.. she is Chaka Khan. She is from Chicago, Illinios. She was and still famous with many songs, for example Ain't Nobody, I Am Every Woman and many more. She was before with the band called Rufus. To date, she has won 10 Grammy awards (she alone and also with Rufus). Isn't she amazing? She still has the groove, even though she is not as active as before but she still has the groove. Recently, she attended the Grammy 2012 and she shook Jennifer Hudson's hand after Jen H performed the Tribute to Whitney Houston. The night was filled with tears of sadness. 

These are Chaka Khan's pictures. 

Grammy 2008

Performing alongside other artists

recent Event.. the Red Dress Fashion Show...

She is also famous with big hair-do. She also has the unique kind of voice. You should listen to her songs.


p/s: She is going stronger and stronger.. day by day... hihihu~~

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