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Wednesday, February 29, 2012



people are havoc-ing about Erykah Badu's concert in Malaysia that has been cancelled by the Government of Malaysia due to Badu's tattoo which has been considered as insulting to the Moslems.

Well.. let see the picture first. okay?

See that? near her shoulders?

If you could not see, then, you better check you eyes. Both!

Well2!!! People say, it would not be a big problem because it was just a paint. Tattoo painted on her body which they said, it would not be there as long as the real tattoo. Well, what about these pictures, it lasts btw! As long as we want to, am I right? if I am wrong, then correct me, ok?

We are Moslems, no matter what we do, we must have the believe that our God is Allah SWT. We need to protect what we believe. Not just do what ever we want without a have little thought about other things. That is the most important, concern about others. 

She as a performer needs actually to know what were those paintings on her body first before publishing it to the audiences. Yes, she might not have the intentions to hurt the Moslems but it was done. The act was done. 

Let us turn the table here, what if the same thing happen to the other people which have different religions and their symbols were exploited like that? What would you think? What would you feel? what would be your reactions?

The readers could think and have a thought about it.

Do not forget our religion. Okay? ISLAM.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Sometimes I am funny but sometimes, I could be very cold. You choice.
p/s: I got the pictures from Google.