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Monday, February 20, 2012


Hi semua...

hari ni adalah hari yang paling awal aku bangun. Aku bangun pukul 5.45 AM sebab kena bersiap awal untuk pergi ke Sekolah Menengah Seri Berang, untuk mengambil exam MUET ataupun Malaysian University English Test, MUET. 



The reason why I need and some of other fellow friends need to take the examination back is because we need to get the Band 4 level to actually graduate as Graduate of University Sultan Zainal Abidin under the Faculty of Languages and Communication. Well... I am very lucky to have several friends this morning. Me, Belle and also Josephine were going to the school and we were very glad for making it on time. Thanked God because the session was not start at 7.30 AM sharp. The examiners actually waited for like 30 minutes and the session started at 8..30 AM. Thanked God!

Well.. Me and Belle were the in the 4th group and Josephine was in the last group. In me and Belle's group, as usual it consists of 4 people (candidates) and we were very lucky because we were in the same group. So, let me introduce the candidates first, Candidate A = Belle, Candidate B = Me, Candidate C = A girl (dont know the name) and Candidate D = Badrul (a working man). There you go, and then, we were given two pieces of paper (one question paper and another one would be the writing paper *to write the points), we were quite good and it was greatly done *not the damage.. hehehe...  We did talk a lot  *with a lot of points and opinions too.. hehehe... Me and Belle talked loud and clear with inclusion of few concrete points and opinions, as for the girl, she was told in the middle of the group discussion to actually volume up her voice because the examiner could not hear her sweet voice. As for Badrul, handsome looking guy, he also had a few hard time in explaining his points and opinions but then, he managed to pull it off. 


As for me, this is my third time taking MUET examination, I think after several years learning English, actually, it getting better, not the learning but my English is getting better. I am very glad of that improvement. This is because before, *when I was in Form 6, I was not have the time to actually learn English like the Grammar and so on. Not that there is not class but I was not understand what is English grammar is all about but now, I know a little bit and I could use a little bit more exposure because I found myself have a few hard times in conveying message in English. Not that it was not expressed well but sometimes, I could not find the perfect words to actually find that message. hehehe.. 

Well... I have been through hard times...

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: I HAVE NOTHING!!! Whitney Houston said it.
P/s: all the pictures used in this blog are actually from Google. Thank you.


  1. Best of luck! My son took the test this morning too..he came back all the way from penang yesterday and will be going back to uitm tonight..came back just to sit for the test! he's the first candidate..early in the morning.

  2. owh... really,,,. well... so did us... we were in the morning session and we were very glad because the speaking test is over..hhaha..

  3. Salam..ble share x dpt soalan speking apa? Klo x pun juz hint2 about dat..tq

  4. Blank : thank you for commenting on my blog, first and fore most, you have do a lot of reading, why? Because you need to actually familiarise with the sentence structures. Plus, read about the current issues but then sometimes, it is all about your common sense and how you perceive things around you. You have to actually answer what they want you to answer and what you want to answer.
    Last but not least, during speaking test,You HAVE TO SPEAK,the marks are quite high there and plus, you can score in speaking. So, read a lot and practice among friends. okay? Good luck.