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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hi semua!!!

Apa khabar anda semua readers and followers at this time? very damn hot isn't , I mean the weather! like very damn hot!!! tapi nasib baik aku duduk kat dalam bilik ni tak terbakar ke or microwave ke.. lau tak..!!! huhuhu.. duk dalam bilik air la aku!!! hehehe...

btw, I watched a movie called Tower Heist!!! It is Ben Stiller's acts. It was amazing! He still got it! All the supporting actors and actresses, its just wow! Like Oprah said it was a Woww-er!! hehehe...

Ben Stiller's acting was amazing, plus Eddie Murphy, Sidibe, and some other actors and actresses... it was just seriously amazing!!! just love it!!! hehehe...


Tower Heist is a comic caper movie. The Tower is an exclusive New York City condominium where Ben Stiller is the Manager. When their most prosperous resident, penthouse owner Alan Alda (a Bernie Maddoff-like swindler), loses the retirement funds Stiller and his staff trusted him with, Stiller decides to steal the money back. Yes, the plot becomes silly and you’ll have to swallow two or three major coincidences to follow the caper to its conclusion. Eddie Murphy, Matthew Broderick, Michael Peña, and Casey Affleck make up the heist team. Tea Leoni steals scenes as an FBI agent. But all and all, it was a good movie, for those for have great fear if height, beware!! hehehe.. there will be surprise waiting for you.. hehehe.. *I watched it!

The Cast...

Two major roles..

Well.., that is all from me, I think, so see you next time!!! okay?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Good grief!

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